Wedding Services

Did you know the word yoga means union or "to yoke"?  What better way to help celebrate the beginning of your newest and most meaningful union of your life?

A few years ago my sister asked me to teach a class on the morning of her wedding. What an honor to set the beginning moments of her big day and root intentions with the family and friends coming together to celebrate their union.  Whether it be the day of your wedding or simply getting the wedding party together before your special day, please know that I would be honored to be a part of yours. 

Rates have a sliding scale depending on the day and location:

Rates if your location is in North NJ and you host the session:

$125 Monday through Friday

$175 Saturday or Sunday

We service all of Northern NJ. So If you do not have the space we can create it for you utilizing one of the many yoga studios we work with. Rates will vary on location so please contact me for more information.

Types of Yoga:

Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin to name a few. We have lots of different teachers with different personalities to serve your needs. Just let us know how we can tailor your private Wedding Yoga session to meet your needs.